Giving thanks for faithful bridge players

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 15, 2013

At this time of year I think of the many blessings in my life; my husband, family, friends, health and most of all having “enough.”
As I look around at the many people who don’t have enough adequate food, clothing and shelter, I’m reminded of never having to be without the things I’ve needed.
”Enough” is a great word. I want to thank all of you that have supported our Salisbury bridge games. Your faithfulness is much appreciated and the many of you who have tried to help make the games grow, here’s to you.
I’m glad you are enjoying the friendships as I am. You are all “enough” but we would like to grow some more.
The Dec. 6 Evergreen winners were: First, Stella Shadroui and Becky Creekmore; second, Marie Pugh and Ruth Bowles; third, Chuck and Margaret Rimer; fourth, Simon Brigman and Ron Jeffers.
Highlighted board is No. 11. Two pairs, Shadroui/Creekmore and Jeffers/ Brigman, tied for best score N/S defeating 4S*E-2 tricks while the best E/W score 3SE+1 was made by the Rimers.
No one vulnerable SOUTH dealer.
S 9 3
H K J 4 2
D 6 4 2
C A 9 8 3

S J 7 2 S A K Q T 6
H 9 H Q T 6
D A T 9 8 5 D J
C J T 7 2 C Q 6 5 4

S 8 5 4
H A 8 7 5 3
D K Q 7 3

Winners at the Women’s Club game were: First, Myrnie and John McLaughlin; tied for second/third: David Goff and Dick Brisbin with Wayne Pegram and Gloria Bryant.