$5 Million Recreation Bond OKd

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Davie voters will have two bond issues on the May ballot – one for $54.5 million for a new high school – and one for $5 million for recreation.

Commissioners last week voted unanimously to put the recreation bond on the ballot, with a 1-cent tax increase, although there was some disagreement as to how much of the recreation money may be used.

County Manager Beth Dirks said her understanding from the recreation committee meetings was that the $5 million included $3.9 million for re-purposing the Davie High School site into a recreation complex should the school bond pass. If it fails, she had the understanding that only $1 million or so would be available for recreation.

Commissioner Mark Jones, who is also on the recreation committee, said his understanding was that the $5 million, if passed, would be used for recreation regardless of whether the school bond passes.

Commissioner Carl Humphrey suggested putting the $5 million recreation bond on the ballot, saying it would be “mute” if the school bond fails.

It appears that if the recreation bond passes, all $5 million will be available. The recreation committee will make recommendations to commissioners on how to spend the money. Re-purposing the Davie High site is at the top of that committee’s list should the school bond pass.

“I believe I know the intention of that committee,” Jones said. “We do not need to delay this.”

The board also agreed to hire the same bond counsel as was hired for the school bond. The normal fee is $40,000, but the law firm agreed to a $5,000 price, County Attorney Ed Vogler said.