Who Do You Listen To?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In today’s political environment, all a candidate has to do is say they won’t raise taxes and they get elected.
A Davie resident told county commissioners last week that isn’t always the best policy. And she questioned who the commissioners are listening to when it comes to promoting the building of a new high school.
Money seems to be available for most other needs, Alice Brown said.
“I wonder who you listen to. The people in a majority seem not to get a voice. Sometimes all a candidate has to do is say ‘I won’t raise taxes.’ That’s not necessarily the best person for a leadership role.”
Brown also questioned the thinking of Davie’s business community about the high school, saying the chamber of commerce is “AWOL” on the issue.
She received applause when she said: “I’m still wondering who you are listening to.”
Earlier in the meeting, board members took the next step to get the issue on a May, 2014 ballot.
County board members hired Paul H. Billow of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice for $40,000 to get the high school issue on the ballot and sell the bonds if it passes. If it fails, the fee will be closer to $15,000.
County Attorney Ed Vogler said this is the first of a long process in getting the $54.3 million issue to a vote. Attorneys experienced in the process are needed to navigate the complicated process, he said.