I Shop Davie Chamber Unveils Program To Support Local Businesses

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shop local.
It’s a simple concept, and one that the Davie County Chamber of Commerce, as well as local media outlets, are embracing.
Carolyn McManamy, chamber president, outlined the group’s “I Shop Davie” campaign to county commissioners earlier this month. It includes social media, print and broadcast media. There’s an online video on the chamber’s website.
But most of all, it includes a message.
“It really matters where we’re spending our money, where we purchase our goods and services,” she said. “That’s how we support our community.”
Buying local supports local jobs. The tax money stays in Davie County, helping provide needed services.
Part of the chamber’s campaign is to educate the public about why supporting Davie County businesses is important. When businesses thrive, they support local charities. Davie County has been blessed with business owners who care about the community in which they live, McManamy said.
“We reap great benefits when we shop locally. Tax dollars invested in Davie County come back to us. It invests back into Davie County local businesses so they can support local causes.”
It all makes for a better quality of life, she said.
Visit the chamber website. Download the app for “ishopdavie.”
From Nov. 29-Dec. 1, the chamber is asking all local residents to do all shopping possible in Davie County during what is being called “I Shop Davie Days.”
“It really does matter where we spend our money,” she said.