Over Farmington, Lawn Message Spells Neighbor’s Ire

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 29, 2013

How does your neighbor really feel about you? Would he carefully mow a message in the lawn and point a giant arrow your way and spell out — in the grass — a word we shouldn’t repeat here? Would he call you an eight-letter word that refers to a certain bodily orifice, in the plural? That’s what someone in Farmington has done, and the personal anger might have gone unnoticed except for the gliders that circle the area on pleasant days that take off from Bert Bahnson’s farm. Pilots have noticed the word and the giant arrow pointed toward a nearby house. The letters appear to be 30 feet tall — easily visible by glider pilots taking in the sights. The word in the grass is a new scenic attraction from 2,000 feet. Bahnson sent us pictures of the manicured word Monday. I rode out to the property near the old Farmington School to see for myself from ground level. From that vantage point, I could only discern the arrow, mostly because I knew what I was looking for. “Trouble with neighbor.” That’s the designation for a common police blotter complaint in Clemmons investigated weekly by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department. A neighbor is too loud. Someone’s mower shoots unwanted grass clippings onto the neighbor’s lawn. A neighbor parks his car on the front lawn. I read the complaints weekly and ask myself, “Someone called the police for that?” Good neighbors help make life joyful and pleasant. Bad neighbors are … The end of that sentence can be spotted from 2,000 feet over Farmington.
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