New Viper Tower Could Help Davie

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 16, 2013

There are still gaps in Davie County where the emergency communication system doesn’t work.
And the process to improve that system is taking a while. County commissioner Terry Renegar brought up the issue again at a board meeting earlier this month.
County Manager Beth Dirks said that while a lot of “preliminary work” has been done, new options are becoming available. The county was contacted by the N.C. Highway Patrol about supporting another Viper tower (usually higher than normal cell phone towers) in Davie County.
“It could be a win-win for us,” Dirks said. “Once the site is identified, we will have to see if it will handle our needs.”
The county, she said, would co-sponsor a federal grant application to help pay for the tower. A report on the county’s emergency communication system recommended a new tower, and depending on the location, county equipment could be used on the Viper tower.
She also said there are FTC regulations that require a long wait. No time table for any of the  …