Charlotte Traffic: Rush Hour Seems To Last Forever

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 29, 2013

High-tailing it through Charlotte on Interstate 77 as rush hour approached, I prematurely congratulated myself on dodging the usual traffic jams. I could be home in an hour …
Then I read the warning sign: “Wreck ahead, take US 21.”
I veered onto Interstate 85 to avoid the miles-long backlog that always results from wrecks on the Charlotte main arteries. All was well for five miles until I hit the never-ending road construction near Concord Mall. A wreck later near the Rowan County line slowed us down further to a crawl or a complete stop.
I am glad I don’t work in Charlotte where rush hour lasts four hours.
Years from now I-85 will be four lanes and still be tied up in traffic. It can’t be wide enough. I-77 will forever have bottlenecks near Huntersville.
Charlotte is a thoroughly nice city, but driving there can take forever.

With Rain, Is God Trying
To Get Our Attention?

As of this writing, it hasn’t rained today. Lately, that has been newsworthy. There are plenty of clouds in the sky and eight hours left in the day. This may not yet be the reprieve from the monsoon summer.
We’ve had 10 inches more rain than average so far this year.
Is the rain a blessing or a curse?
One Mocksville woman suggested that God is trying to get our attention. Isn’t God always trying to get our attention? I prefer to think the Almighty is rewarding us this summer. We usually pray for rain.
This is a nice change. Lawnmower salesmen must …