Broken Tiles A Selling Point? Resident Accuses Schools Of Not Fixing Unhealthy Situation At DCHS

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 22, 2013

By Mike Barnhardt
Enterprise Record

Broken tiles and mold in a boy’s locker room at Davie High School is nothing more than a selling point for a new high school.
That’s what Randy McDaniel Sr. told county commissioners Monday night. He also cited state law that said it is the “tax levying authority’s (county commission)” job to fix unsanitary conditions.
McDaniel showed a photo of broken and missing tiles and what appears to be mold on the wall. The photo was taken Aug. 1. It’s the same area in the shower that school officials showed people on a tour last year. One of those on the tour took a photo of the wall and included it in a newspaper letter stating the need for a new school.
“Common sense tells you that black stuff is black mold … and that’s not sanitary or healthy,” he said. He counted approximately 32 tiles that need replacing.
“If you fixed it, that wouldn’t be a stop on the tour to convince people we need a new high school. This is a selling point for a new school but it’s a dangerous point,” McDaniel said.
“You have the tax-levying authority. Have that locker room …