125 Greet New Coach At First Practice

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 22, 2013

By Brian Pitts
Davie Enterprise Record

Aug. 1, 2013 was the 24th “first official practice” of Devore Holman’s Davie football coaching career. But this one was different than the other 23. This time he was the head honcho.
“There have been times before when coach (Doug) Illing had to leave practice early and he pretty much turned it over to me,” said Holman, who became Illing’s successor in June. “I guess that’s what I was expecting going into Thursday. But as I walked onto the field, I realized I had a totally different role than I have had in the past. It was a different feeling. It was a good feeling.”
Around 125 kids showed up for the first practice. Davie will scrimmage twice before opening on Aug. 23 at home against Page. The first scrimmage is Aug. 10 at Statesville at 9 a.m. Reynolds will be a third team there.
“We’re trying to get them in the right spots,” Holman said. “A challenge to our coaching staff is putting each kid in a position where they’re going to be successful – not only as a player but for our team.”

Last year there were eighty-some jayvee players. The number is similar this year.
“It’s looking like we’re going to have to have some duplicate jerseys again this year,” new jayvee coach Doug Smith said.
Smith’s head is swimming. He moved to Davie as a teacher in June, and it’s not easy learning 125 or so names. Todd Bumgarner, who led the jayvee program for six years, is now the offensive coordinator on varsity.
“I’m still learning all their names,” Smith said. “More than learning the terminology, the hardest thing is learning 100-plus names.”
Two players who have impressed Smith are quarterback Chris Reynolds and linebacker James Boyle, both freshmen. Bumgarner said there’s a good chance Reynolds, who starred at South Davie, will dress on Fridays to serve as an emergency backup.
“Chris is a freshman, but he’s picked up on everything we’re doing offensively very quickly, and he seems like a good leader,” Smith said. “He’s been very impressive so far …