Stinky Situation – Bermuda Run Wants Dog Owners To Be Responsible

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 2, 2013

By Jim Buice
Enterprise Record

BERMUDA RUN – The town council has voted to amend a 2002 ordinance related to the control of animals.
The section added to the existing ordinance calls for all dog owners to have the means to clean up and remove the dog’s feces from any public or private property outside of the dog owner’s own property.
The language went a step further, proclaiming the means to properly remove and dispose of feces “shall consist of having on or near one’s person a device such as a plastic bag or paper container.” It also stated that “such a device must be shown, upon request, to anyone authorized to enforce this ordinance.”
Councilman John Guglielmi said that “we have had complaints from residents in Bermuda Run concerning this problem several times …