NC Legislature Called ‘Mean’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 27, 2013

By Mike Barnhardt
Enterprise Record

Enough is enough.
That’s the message the state NAACP and Democracy NC brought to Mocksville for a three-county rally last week at New Jerusalem Apostolic Church.
Talking about sweeping changes in state government led by a Republican governor and legislature, the rally including preaching, singing, chanting and rallying the troops to fight changes taking place in Raleigh.
The Rev. Curtis E. Gatewood, a state NAACP officer, led the rally, and was joined by Linda Sutton of Democracy NC.
They said the fight focuses on three initiatives: wiping a half million North Carolinians from Medicaid eligibility, voter identification laws and tax reform.
The Medicaid change will affect the state’s poorest, Gatewood said. “They don’t want to be poor and they have health needs.” He said the move is because of their disdain for Barack Obama, the first African-American president and “Obamacare.”
“They are hurting our people, no matter what color. Enough is enough.”
The voting change makes it harder for ex-felons to vote, including a five-year wait and a …