Bluebird Visitors Leave Disappointed

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 27, 2013

For two years the fancy bluebird house had sat empty except for an occasional earwig convention. On Saturday, hundreds of slimy earwigs were back, and I vowed to move the box.
As with any home, the three vital considerations in a bluebird box are location, location, location. I had mounted the box on an oak tree outside our window so we could watch, but there had been nothing to see. Bluebirds spent lots of time at our feeders, but they made their homes over at the neighbors.
I took the box down to move it 25 feet away into the sun.
While digging the posthole, a pair of bluebirds arrived and clung to the tree in the very spot where the box had been.
They stayed for 10 minutes or more, and I could only imagine their conversation.
“Myrtle, I swear there was a house here.”

I-40 Traffic Jam
Line Breakers

We again can dread the closing of the Yadkin River westbound bridge on Interstate 40 this weekend. Last weekend’s rain gave us a reprieve. The crews are coming back to do more resurfacing work.
Rude motorists will probably be back too.
Will the sulfuric fires of hell blaze hot when those I-40 motorists who break in line finally get their eternal reward?
Skirting the neat mile-long line of hundreds of cars, some drivers forgot their manners and sailed blithely around those in front of them. Kindergarten lessons about waiting in line were lost on them. Surely they could feel the imaginary darts fired at them from the motorists they passed.
The line stretched over five miles at times, snaking from NC 801 in Bermuda Run back US 158 to Harper Road and onto I-40 east of Clemmons. U.S. 158 backed up to Kinnamon Road. There was no avoiding the jam except by taking the scenic Yadkin County route.
Don’t be a line breaker.

Board Meetings
Rated For ‘Mature’
Audiences Only

One little girl broke into tears. A few other children escaped the viper den with their eyes wide open by the tension, hoots and jeers.
Meetings of the Davie County Board of Commissioners should be rated “M” for mature audiences only. Some …