New Hospital(s) Will Lift Our Quality of Life

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 28, 2013

Competition can benefit consumers. It requires businesses to put their best foot forward. Novant Health does that this weekend as it swings open the doors of its new Clemmons Medical Center on Harper Road. From Interstate 40, the Clemmons facility looks outstanding. On Sunday, the public can take a step inside before the official opening April 4.
All week, the medical center has been inviting police, fire fighters, and community leaders for an up-close look at the hospital.
A couple miles west, Wake Forest University Baptist is busy putting up a similar facility.
When both are finished, local residents will have a choice of hospitals, a choice of medical care — a rare luxury for a community this size.
Regardless of which hospital we use, our quality of life will take a giant step forward. Convenient, quality medical care is vital. For us, it will be easily accessible.
With the opening of Clemmons Medical Center and the future opening of the Bermuda Run facility, we can know that we won’t be taken for granted. Both facilities will do their best to deliver outstanding medical care.
The construction has cost us taxpayers … nothing.
These are two giants of the medical field using their own money to construct facilities the taxpayers of Davie County and Clemmons could not imagine paying for with property taxes.
This is a tremendous boost for our corner of the world.

How could they do that — seize a chunk of the savings accounts in banks across Cyprus? News from Europe bewilders Americans who worry about their own country’s borrowing habits. Cyprus is in hock to the European Central Bank. To help bail its way out of a crisis, the country closed banks for several days and considered taking a percentage all savings. After street protests, parliament voted not to take the money. The debt problem remains. So does ours.

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