Surgeon, Patients Enjoy Atmosphere At Davie Hospital

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 18, 2013

A little more than a year and half ago, Chip Crutchfield of Clemmons was doing what a lot of guys like to do: shooting some hoops with friends.  Crutchfield frequently played basketball for fun and as a great way to help stay fit. His game a year and a half ago, however, came to a painful halt when he felt unusual pain in his knee.
“I tried to jump really high and hit the rim which I hadn’t done in a few years,” he said. “Except that time, something was different. I knew the instant it happened that I had severely injured my knee.”
Like most people, Crutchfield tried to heal himself by taking it easy for a while, staying away from participating in active sports and using the usual variety of home remedies.
Nothing worked, and the pain and discomfort continued for months.
“The worst thing about it was the inability to play with my kids,” Crutchfield said. “My wife’s mother and Dr. John Hubbard’s mother were friends back in Richmond, so my mother-in-law recommended that I go see Dr. Hubbard, who is an orthopedic surgeon at Wake Forest Baptist Health – Davie Hospital.”
Crutchfield saw Hubbard late last summer and determined that corrective surgery would be necessary to solve his knee problem. Hubbard performed the surgery in mid-October at Davie Hospital.
“Everything about my experience at Davie Hospital was positive,” Crutchfield said. “Prior to my surgery, Dr. Hubbard explained the benefits of going to Davie Hospital including easy access to the hospital, great staff and shorter wait times. All of it was completely true.
“I had never been to Davie Hospital or had surgery of any kind before. When I arrived, the hospital staff was extremely informative and calming. They’re laid back but professional. The Davie Hospital staff really helped minimize my anxiety about the surgery, which was a huge help to me and my family.
“There was no waiting, and the whole surgery process from start to finish was as seamless as it could be,” he said. “Davie Hospital is a jewel for this community.”
Since his October surgery, Crutchfield has continued to have follow-up appointments with Hubbard and is recovering as expected.
Like he and other patients, Hubbard recognizes the benefits of Davie Hospital.
“The personal level of care to patients available at Davie Hospital is something that you don’t readily receive at a larger hospital,” Hubbard said. “ The staff and …