Local Company Tops In Its Field: ‘Made In Mocksville’ Trailers At Most NASCAR, PGA Events

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 7, 2013

By Mike Barnhardt
Enterprise Record

You can see the big trucks traveling onto and from Interstate Drive in Mocksville. RCR Racing, Rick Hendrick Racing, NASCAR … the PGA.
In Mocksville?
Trailers of the East Coast has become the place to have trailers made into custom homes and offices on wheels.
“I’m so proud of these guys,” said owner Bill Junker, nodding toward Aaron Craver, manager of the service department.
Just for NASCAR, there’s the kitchen trailer, the office trailer, the technical trailer – filled with wires and computers and monitors. It’s the trailer NASCAR officials monitor the races from, and holds a couple of million dollars worth of equipment. Like the PGA trailer, it contains thousands of feet of electrical and data communication wire.
The crew at Trailers of the East Coast has been busy lately. The winter months – when there are no races and few golf events – is when owners want custom work done to their trailers. And if one has something new added to their trailer and they have a successful year, you can bet they all want the same work the next season, Craver said …