County Seeks Permit: It Could Take Five Years To Get Eastern Davie Wastewater Treatment Plant

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 10, 2013

By Mike Barnhardt
Enterprise Record

County commissioners earlier this month took the first step toward opening a new wastewater treatment plant in eastern Davie.
They unanimously directed staff to seek permits for a plant that could discharge 750,000 gallons (gpd) of treated wastewater into the Yadkin River every day.
“This solution could take up to five years before the plant comes on line,” said County Manager Beth Dirks. “That’s why we want to get the ball rolling.” She said the 750,000 gpd will not only serve current needs, but allow for growth. The plant will be designed so that it could be expanded.
Now, Davie contracts with the Winston-Salem Forsyth Utilities Commission to treat 550,000 gallons a day. That contract ends in 2030. The county uses about 250,000 gpd, but only about 100,000 gallons is available because of other contracts. Private developers helped build the current system, and hold rights to some of the capacity even though it isn’t being used.
The numbers include expected usage from Ashley Furniture and Wake Forest Baptist Health’s hospital under construction in Bermuda Run. It also retains an allocation for the Creekwood development because of failing septic tanks, Dirks said.
Commissioners haven’t tackled the issue of rates. A consultant told them earlier this year to expect rates to increase dramatically to pay for this  or any other improvement to the system. Those consultants also said that improvements will have to be made because of stricter water quality regulations …