McCrory Excites Davie Supporters

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 3, 2012

By Dwight Sparks
Enterprise Record

The future governor of North Carolina gave Randy McDaniel a couple pretend kicks in the rear Thursday. Then the politician grabbed McDaniel in a headlock and administered a noogie.
“How’s this?” Pat McCroy asked as he held the pose for a newspaper photographer.
“You just carried Davie County,” I told him.
Too bad the Davie County Board of Education didn’t witness how a professional handles a critic. McDaniel has bedeviled them for years.
N.C. Sen. Andrew Brock was close by. He will be able to report back to the legislature that it will be a new day for the General Assembly when McCrory becomes governor, as was expected in Tuesday’s voting.
“Bet you’ve never seen Bev Purdue give anybody a noogie,” McCrory’s campaign aide said.
It was in fun.
McDaniel’s wife, Roxanne, asked for McCrory’s autograph a minute later.
Her husband, who has attended more school board meetings than some of the board members, had approached McCrory outside Miller’s Restaurant on Thursday, telling him the Davie High War Eagles were going to whoop McCrory’s own Ragsdale High the next night.
After some gentle banter, McDaniel persisted that Ragsdale was in for a long night in Mocksville.
That’s when McCrory got physical.
Looking as relaxed as a politician leading by double digits in the polls, McCrory dropped by Miller’s to chat with about 25 local Republicans and elected officials …