Cooleemee Getting Tough On Dog Owners

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 26, 2012

By Jackie Seabolt
Enterprise Record

COOLEEMEE – If you own a dangerous dog here, prepare to pay.
That is part of an ordinance addressing animal control and welfare approved by commissioners. It will impose stricter laws on pet owners.
Since the March town meeting updated presentations of highlights of the 30-plus pages of animal ordinances have been presented by George Madeja, code enforcement officer.
At one meeting Mayor Lynn Rumley told the board she wished to point out the highlights of a recent committee review of the ordinance which included the following: tethering, minimum space, dangerous dogs, and cats.
Rumley expects some residents to be opposed to outlawing tethering dogs. “But I was surprised at the number of people that agree with it being stopped and say that it’s more humane for the animals.”
The new ordinance outlaws tethering in the town and only allows temporary tethering by a leash if the dog is not on the owner’s property or is being walked.
A trolley system can be used to keep a dog on a property, but it must be no less than 10 feet between …