Bermuda Run Eyes Sidewalk Connector To Tanglewood

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 1, 2012

By Jim Buice
Enterprise Record

For Bermuda Run residents, walking, running or biking to Tanglewood Park will eventually be much easier and safer to navigate.
In last week’s Bermuda Run Town Council meeting, the board approved a resolution supporting the NCDOT sidewalk and enhancement projects. The sidewalk would connect the planned roundabout in front of the Twin City Soccer Complex on U.S. 158 that would lead to the Kathryn Crosby Bridge.
Then, the Village of Clemmons could be in position, also with enhancement monies, to take the sidewalk from its side of the bridge to Harper Road. That would include connectivity to Tanglewood all the way to the proposed dog park.
“This is part of the ongoing work that we’re doing in implementing the comprehensive plan and building upon the very good work that the planning board had done,” said Lee Rollins, town manager.
The project is 100 percent funded by the NCDOT. The town agreed to assume ongoing maintenance after the installation. Rollins said the arrangement is much like the town’s agreement regarding the landscape enhancement at I-40/N.C. 801.
“The other part of that is working with DOT to see if any other enhancement monies available in the upcoming year will allow us to be able to connect via sidewalk the Wake Forest Baptist Hospital site on 801 to the 158/801 intersection,” Rollins said.
Bermuda Run has made the initial cut to receive funding in 2013 for a greenway that will provide further connectivity.
Mayor Ken Rethmeier and members of the council took time during the meeting, which was held on 9/11, to reflect on the tragic events of that day 11 years ago and to thank those who had a part in the large flag being flown in front of WinMock.
“That flag was a beautiful sight,” Rethmeier said.
Wayne Thomas, president of WinMock, was responsible for …