RiverPark Volunteer Shoots Attacker

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 20, 2012

By Mike Barnhardt
Enterprise Record

Two RiverPark volunteers were attacked as they were closing the park Monday, with one of the volunteers shooting a man who was later arrested.
Jim Rumley and James Decess were closing the park gate just before dark when they noticed a fight at a nearby residence on Erwin Temple Church Road, said Rowan Sheriff’s Dept. Capt. John C. Sifford. The park entrance is in Rowan County, across the South Yadkin River from Cooleemee.
When Rumley and Decess told the group they were calling law enforcement, Jared Frasier began running toward them telling them to mind their own business.
Frasier kicked Decess karate style in the chest, then came after Rumley, Cooleemee Police Chief Bobby West said..
Rumley told investigators he grabbed a .38 revolver from his van and fired a warning shot into the air thinking it would cause Frasier to leave them alone. As Rumley was attempting to get into his van, Frasier hit him in the mouth, knocking out two teeth and splitting his lip.
Rumley was knocked to the ground beside the van, when Frasier threatened to take the gun and kill him.
“James Rumley advised that at this point, he was in fear of his life, so he fired a shot which …