Police Officer Charged: Video Shows Larceny Of Lottery Tickets

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Mocksville police officer and his girlfriend accused of stealing lottery tickets were arrested this weekend by the Davie Sheriff’s Department.
Keith L. Gunter, 46,  and Lori Carter Correll, 40, both of Hillcrest Drive, Advance were each charged Sept. 7. Gunter faces one count of misdemeanor larceny. Correll is facing one count felony larceny by employee.
According to Davie Sheriff’s Chief J.D. Hartman, River Trail Mercantile on US 64 East in Fork reported that Correll and her boyfriend, Gunter, were stealing lottery tickets from the business that Friday afternoon and there was video of the incidents.
Hartman said officers responded and it appears that the store was in the process of auditing lottery ticket sales and had determined that approximately $1,500 was missing.  Hartman said that the audit is still in the process and had not been completed.
“The video footage seems to show Ms. Correll taking tickets and not paying for them,” Hartman said. “Mr. Gunter doesn’t work for the business but he can be seen behind the counter taking tickets from the dispenser and scratching them.”
Hartman said that Correll admitted to stealing lottery tickets.
Gunter has said he did not steal any tickets but that he did admit taking a ticket, scratching and leaving without paying for it – but that he thought Correll was going to pay for the ticket.
Gunter received a $2,500 bond. Correll received a $3,500 bond.
Both are scheduled to appear in Davie District Court on Sept. 20.
“This investigation is still ongoing pending the audit process and further review of the evidence,” Hartman said.
Mocksville Police Chief Robert Cook said that Gunter had been suspended pending an internal investigation and the outcome of the charges. A sergeant, he has worked for the department for 15 years …