B’Run Says No To Dog Park: Board Against Tax Money To Non-Profits

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 13, 2012

By Jim Buice
Enterprise Record

BERMUDA RUN – Some might consider the town council’s decision in its July meeting to not approve funding requests from the Dog Park at Tanglewood and the Humane Society of Davie County not being pet friendly.
However, council members say it was simply a matter of a tight budget in a difficult economy and an overall mindset that taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be going to nonprofit organizations, which includes four-legged companions.
“I feel that as person who represents the city that due diligence has to be made when we start giving away other people’s tax money,” said councilman John Guglielmi. “I am firmly against giving to nonprofits from the town. We have limited funds and need to be good stewards of what we have. I think it would behoove us as private citizens to donate to these causes as we see fit. I have already donated to the Humane Society, Special Olympics and to the church and a few other things, but that’s my choice.”
Shirley Cagle, the lone member of the council to suggest some funding for the two proposals was appropriate, made a motion to approve $2,000 for the Dog Park at Tanglewood (the request was $5,000) and $3,500 for the Humane Society (the request was $7,000), but both died after a lack of a second.
“I feel like the people in the Town of Bermuda Run have used the services from the Davie County Humane Society,” Cagle said. “I think it is something our citizens value. Also with Kinderton now being a part of our town, we have a lot of young families with dogs, with pets. I think the services that are offered in Davie County, which we can’t provide at this time, is something that we certainly should be supporting.”
However, councilman Jerry West agreed with Guglielmi’s assessment, and councilman Ed Coley offered no comment, other than siding with the other council members by remaining …