Renaissance Man: Law Student Felt His Destiny At Age 14

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 12, 2012

By Beth Cassidy
Enterprise Record

At the age of 14, a young man read the Bible story of Solomon, son of King David, who, upon learning he would be king, fell to his knees and prayed for wisdom.
This young man, barely a teenager, from humble means and with more than a few chips stacked against him, fell to his knees in his room one night and prayed for wisdom and knowledge.
And then, he got up.
And so begins the story of Brandon Robinson.
There is no specific classification for a man like Brandon Robinson, but perhaps the way he describes what he aspires to is most fitting: a Renaissance man.
A Renaissance man is one who is well educated or who is learned in a number of fields. A Renaissance man realizes his limitless capacities and is forever on a journey to develop those capacities as fully as possible.
In Robinson’s case, his realization came at the age of 14, when, as he said, “I felt I was facing a destiny for which I needed to be vigorously prepared.”
He eagerly began carving out opportunities for himself.
As a freshman at Davie High, he sought out Rex Hobson, who recently retired as career development coordinator.
“I approached him in October of that year and told him I wanted to develop a relationship with him and would like for him to help me with my career,” Robinson said. His mom, Victoria Lynn Price (then Victoria Gaither), steered her young son toward other male role models, including attorney Hank Van Hoy (“one of my childhood heroes,” he said), engineer John Grey, and educator Julius Suiter.
A single mother struggling to raise two young sons, Price pointed out those men to her son because he had no father figure …