‘It’s A Great Day’ – Teamwork, Incentives Bring More Jobs Here

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 21, 2012

By Mike Barnhardt
Enterprise Record

Terry Bralley, Davie County’s economic development director, has had the mantra, “It’s a great day to be in Davie County” for quite some time.
He didn’t get to say it first on Monday, as Gov. Beverly Perdue was in town to celebrate Ingersoll Rand and 60 jobs it is bringing to Mocksville with it’s acquisition of Thermo King, a company that makes refrigeration units for big trucks and buses.
Over and over, speakers at the ceremony in Ingersoll’s engineering building cited teamwork as the reason for this project – and other positive economic news Davie County has seen in the past year.
“Economic development is a team sport,” Bralley said. “No one person makes a deal. It takes all of us working together.”
It also takes incentives, the governor said. “Without incentives, North Carolina would be the only state that couldn’t fight fair,” she said.
Ingersoll is investing some $22 million in the Mocksville plant, which manufactures machine components for Thermo King and other divisions. It is eligible for $50,000 from the One North Carolina Fund, training incentives and funds from the economic development commission.
Perdue praised Ingersoll Rand, calling it a major and diverse player in a global economy.
“There is no company any more important to North Carolina than Ingersoll Rand. They could have gone anywhere in the world,” she said. “Forty-nine other governors …