Humphrey Speaks, And So Do The Veterans

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 12, 2012

By Mike Barnhardt
Enterprise Record

Carl Humphrey finally spoke on Monday night about claims that he had called veterans “scammers” in a private conversation.
“There is a very good reason that they used the word claims, because I did not say it,” the county board of commissioners chair said in a prepared statement (Read it in its entirety on page 7.)
“In my opinion, if you trick someone, especially an 80- 90-year-old World War II veteran so that you can take his money, that seems a lot like a scam to me. And if you only pay the money back when threatened with arrest … well, you’ve got to decide for yourself if that is a scam or not.” He didn’t elaborate on who he was talking about,.
Humphrey’s comments came at the beginning of the commissioner’s monthly meeting. The night began with a rally at the veteran’s monument organized by Vietnam veteran Tim Smith. There was a petition calling for Humphrey’s removal. Some carried signs saying “Dump The Hump” and “Let’s Fix Humphrey.”
And several of those who spoke at that rally took their concerns to the public comments time at the board meeting, along with several of Humphrey’s supporters, who suggested the whole ordeal is politically motivated.
“Quite frankly, I’m a little ashamed,” Bill Foust said to Humphrey. “We owe you an apology for not standing up and speaking. We’ve been standing back and watching … and true friends don’t stand on the sidelines.”
Foust then brought out a full-page, color ad printed in the Enterprise Record last week that encouraged the community to show their support for Vietnam veterans. He noticed the county wasn’t a sponsor, nor were commissioners Richard Poindexter and Mark Jones, who are seeking reelection. But Commissioner Ken White, who is also seeking reelection and who organized the ad, was.
“I’m sure that Mr. Poindexter would have liked to have been asked, or Mr. Jones, or Mr. Renegar, he is a candidate, too. It looks like it was a little bit political. What hurts most of all, our county got thrown under the bus …