Accusations Fly: Veterans Accuse County Board Chair Of Making ‘Un-American’ Remarks

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 15, 2012

By Mike Barnhardt
Enterprise Record

Davie County will have a full-time veterans service officer come April 1.
Veterans have been asking county commissioners since last year to re-instate the job to full-time, after it was cut during budget talks last spring.
The veterans got what they wanted, but they’re upset with comments they say board chair, Carl Humphrey, have said. Vietnam veteran Tim Smith on Monday night asked that Humphrey step down, suggesting that if he doesn’t, he would try to have him removed from office.
Smith thanked David Speer for staying at the veteran’s officer job. “He’s been through a lot of harassment … by Carl Humphrey and Jim Stockert (deputy county manager).”
Smith accused Humphrey of calling the veterans’ wishes a scam, and saying that he is against people getting money from taxpayers. Smith said Humphrey stated he would stop guys from abusing the system, and that the effort to keep the job full time was “a conspiracy.”
“Mr. Humphrey, you made statements about the veterans that are appalling … un-American. We don’t need a person who feels that way about men and women in uniform sitting under that flag,” Smith said.
Vietnam veteran P.T. Drane said: “Mr. Humphrey, you should apologize to the veterans and the people of Davie County …