Ballfields Still Occupy Commissioners’ Minds

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 19, 2012

There’s a time during meetings of the Davie County Board of Commissioners for residents to speak.
And there’s a time for commissioners.
Last month, Richard Poindexter went first.
What’s new?
When it came the time in the monthly meeting for commissioner comments, newly-elected chair Carl Humphrey (Poindexter did not vote) looked to Poindexter and asked him to go first.
Poindexter said he expected it. He’s been first for 12 straight nights, he said.
He congratulated Brian Myers on being named tax administrator, and praised water department employees for working on Thanksgiving Day.
Then he went into an ongoing dialogue he’s been having with other commissioners.
“In the spirit of transparency,” he said, all the facts weren’t presented in a discussion about ballfields between Davie County Little League, North Davie Middle School and the Davie County Schools. The schools, he said, asked for a plan to send to the board of education.
“That doesn’t appear to be stonewalled (Commissioner Mark Jones had used that term the previous month.),” Poindexter said. “They were willing to help … a sense of cooperation in the letter (from the schools to the little league.
“We all, especially in government, need to strive for accuracy,” Poindexter said.
Jones had a reply, and admitted his word “stonewalled” may have been inappropriate.
The schools asked for an irrigated soccer field for North Davie Middle in exchange for use of land for more fields at the youth complex, Jones said …