Superintendent Fires Back At ‘Few’ Critics

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 29, 2011

By Beth Cassidy
Enterprise Record

It is the time of year when Christians celebrate Peace on Earth.
But when it comes to Davie County politics and comments about the school board and system, there is no peace. And after meeting with some of the more vocal critics, Superintendent Dr. Darrin Hartness says that those critics don’t want peace.
Hartness read the following statement at last week’s board of education meeting.
“I attended a community Lovefeast on Sunday night, a service to symbolize peace and harmony in our community. I wish that the folks who regularly interject their criticism of our schools into our local newspaper and at public meetings could have been a part of this service. I had another week of people approaching me apologizing for the behavior of these few people in our community.
“You hired me to be your educational leader and I have pledged to our staff that we will maintain our focus on supporting students in our schools. I cannot and will not sit back and continue to hear a few in this community make allegations that we are associated with any immoral or illegal practices. When statements are made as they were this past week in the newspaper, I must respond on behalf of our staff and students.
“So tonight, I want to address the elected officials and the handful of citizens who constantly criticize our school district and the board of education. It is our …