Snowbirds Arrive As Weather Chills

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 29, 2011

On cue, snowbirds began flitting about the yard this week as the temperatures chilled. The tiny juncos always contrast nicely with the snow. The weatherman last night said it shouldn’t get really cold until January, but the birds may know something he doesn’t.
Birds have been collateral damage in my war against squirrels. I took down the feeders last spring because I was attracting the wrong customers. Before snow hits, I’m inclined to dust off the feeders and cater to the birds once again, and, no doubt, to the pesky squirrels.

Presidential Debates
Makes For Good TV

Babysitting grandchildren in Waxhaw last weekend, Elizabeth and I had nothing to do after little Sam went promptly to bed at 7 p.m. My boys never went to sleep so easily. Freed of our duties, we turned on a TV that offers 800 or so channels.
There was nothing on.
Finally at 9 p.m., we tuned in to the Republican presidential debate. Debates used to be the most boring of TV shows, but this year’s GOP wars have been high drama. When Texas Gov. Rick Perry suddenly lost brain activity, it was gripping. Congressman Ron Paul’s Libertarian bent is so different from anything a politician has espoused that it is must-see material. Get out of the Middle East. Slash spending by a trillion dollars next year. Mind our own business in world affairs, he says.
Newt Gingrich gives a history lesson with every answer. Michele Bachmann, the lone woman, is excellent … when given a chance to answer a question.
Gingrich and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney squared off toe-to-toe on Saturday night with neither blinking. Perry demurred when Romney challenged him to defend his accusations with a $10,000 bet.
Gone is 9-9-9 tax plan advocate Herman Cain, felled by too many women in his closet. What was he thinking? Someone considering a run for President of the United States should expect his past dalliances to come to the surface.
Some say there have been too many debates. Not me. This time, let’s get to know the candidates before we bestow the presidency on …