Man Upset With Court Plea Arrangement

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 28, 2011

A case of road rage landed a Mocksville man in district court last week.
Cecil Shelton Foushee  Jr., 49, of Pine Valley Road, was accused of harassing Tammy Hamm from June 2010 to when the harassment escalated in August. He was arrested Sept. 23.
Foushee was offered a plea arrangement, taking his charge down from misdemeanor stalking to communicating threats, which enraged Hamm’s husband, Robin. When that plea was mentioned, he, sitting in the first row in the courtroom behind his wife, began to gesture and mouth words, which caught the attention of Judge Mary Covington. She addressed him, asking him what his problem was.
Hamm stood up and told her Foushee had run his wife off the road, on I-40, causing her car to flip five times and “nearly killing her.”
He was angry, he said, that the charge wasn’t something more serious, and he told Covington, “For two years, I have done everything I can judicially, and I want it heard in open court that if he walks out of here today…”
Before he could continue, Covington told him she didn’t appreciate threats being made in her courtroom and had him arrested. He was led by a deputy to the seats on the side of the courtroom, and the deputy stayed in front of him for the duration of the proceeding …