Davie SAT Scores Drop; Still Higher Than Averages

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 7, 2011

By Beth Cassidy
Enterprise Record

Davie’s SAT scores continue to be higher than the state average and the highest of the 15 districts in the Piedmont Triad Education Consortium, but are the lowest since 2006.
The number of students taking the test at Davie High also fell, but the overall number of students taking the test, factoring in the Early College, rose from the previous two years.
The SAT, made up of three parts, math, critical reading, and writing, is not a required test of students, but is considered one of the admission criteria by most colleges and universities.
Students generally take the test during their junior year. The highest possible score is 2,400, 800 points for each section.
For 2011, Davie students scored an average of 1,512 on all three sections.
Davie High students scored 1,509, and Early College students scored 1,528. It is the first year scores have been available for the Early College.
Students taking the test numbered 170 at Davie High and 29 at the Early College, for a combined 53.2 percent of students taking the test.
Last year, 184 students from Davie High took the test.
Scores were the same at both schools in reading and math, 508 reading and 523 math, but students at the Early College scored higher on writing, 497, as compared to students at Davie High, who scored 478 on that section.
Davie was one of 22 districts in the state scoring 1,512 or higher.
The state average score was 1,475, and the average national score was 1,500 …