$200,000 A Year For Life: Advance Woman Wins Big Lottery Prize

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 29, 2011

By Jim Buice
Enterprise Record

Imagine winning $200,000 a year … for life.
Advance’s Paula Graham doesn’t have to worry about where her next paycheck is coming from anymore after winning the North Carolina Education Lottery’s top prize in the Instant Scratch-Off game.
Graham, 50, said she usually buys Powerball, Mega Millions and Cash 5 tickets but decided to take a chance on a different game when she plopped down her money at Carlton’s Tanglewood in Clemmons.
“I knew a couple of main prizes were still available,” Graham said during the check presentation celebration Monday at the convenience store. “So I bought a card, and it won, and then I bought another one, and it won, and I kept doing that. And with each card I bought, I just started having this feeling that I was supposed to win this particular scratch-off.
“And indeed, when I came in here a week ago Sunday morning, I had $22 in my pocket, and I bought that one, and I bought two money games. This one was a winner, too. So I had two winners that day. This one was just for a $1, so I’ll take it. I’m going to cash it in when this is done …