Coaches Mourn Loss Of Kenyatta Brand

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 11, 2011

By Brian Pitts
Davie Enterprise Record

For the second time in less than three months, Davie High is experiencing devastation and sorrow. Mike Lewis, 17, and Kenyatta Brand, 18, were passengers in a car that crashed and killed them on June 16, just five days after Brand enjoyed high-school graduation ceremonies.
The tragedy comes on the heels of teacher/coach Daric Beiter’s unexpected death on April 1.  
Brand was a football player on the 2010 Davie team that pulled off the greatest playoff run in history and finished as 4A state runner-up.
“On the last day of exams, I saw him and we slapped hands,” assistant coach Devore Holman said. “I said: ‘Well, you made it, didn’t you.’ He said: ‘Yep, sure did.’ I said: ‘Man, I’m proud of you.’ We gave each other a hug. He had that big grin. He will truly be missed – not only as an athlete but as a person.”
Brand symbolized what was so endearing about that 2010 team. Davie really was a true team, and Brand was the consummate role player.
Brand exuded class and humility all four years of his career. As a 2009 junior, he was a backup at outside linebacker and a scout-team running back, working, listening and waiting for his opportunity …