PASSED OUT? Grandmother Accused Of Drinking Prior To Babysitting

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 19, 2011

By Beth Cassidy
Enterprise Record

A grandmother who began a day of babysitting by drinking beer ended up being charged with assault on emergency personnel and misdemeanor child abuse.
Her case was heard in Davie District Court last week.
Patricia Gregory Williams, 51, of Mocksville, was not responsive Feb. 3 when Deputy Michael Fattaleh arrived at a home off Stonewood Road. Fattaleh testified he was sent to investigate a 911 hang-up call from the residence. When he arrived, he said, he could hear a child inside crying, and although he told the child he was a police officer, the child would not open the back door.
The child told him, “Grandma fell” and that he was scared.
Fattaleh was able to enter the home through an unlocked front door, and once inside, he found Williams lying face down on the floor, with one child by her side and another child standing in a chair “crying hysterically.” He estimated their ages to be about 2 and 3.
Fattaleh said he checked Williams’ breathing by putting his hand on her back, and, realizing her back was rising and falling, knew she was alive, but said she was “completely unresponsive.” He said her breathing was labored, and there was “spittle” coming out the side of her mouth.
Fattaleh called the EMS.
Carl (Richie) Reavis Jr., a paramedic, arrived and during the time …