Law Students Visit From Singapore

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 19, 2011

By Beth Cassidy
Enterprise Record

They took turns sitting in the judge’s chair, posing, holding the gavel, pretending to be sworn in and on the witness stand, all the while smiling, laughing and taking pictures.
Not exactly the behavior expected from a group of soon-to-be attorneys, but for many, this was not only their first trip to Davie County, but their first trip to the United States. And after a grueling 21-hour flight, they may have also been a bit punchy.
Last week, a group of 33 law students, led by Andrew White, attorney and former Mocksville resident, arrived in the US from Singapore, where White has lived for the past four years. The students are all in their final year of law school and came to the US to meet a requirement of taking one course in a foreign legal system, which includes a field trip to the country studied, White said. They had a choice of the US, China or Vietnam, and they chose the US.
“We will visit Mocksville and Washington, D.C., but I especially wanted them to see Mocksville and Davie County because it is a great example of the grassroots of law, politics and government that exists and affects 90 percent of …