Not Yet Ready To Buy ‘Tuxedo Of Bib Overalls’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 5, 2011

I’m a sucker for a sale.
At a hardware store closing last week, I stocked up on essentials … and some things I merely wanted. If it’s cheap, the wallet loosens.
Light bulbs and a new can of camping fuel will be used in time. But a turkey call? I didn’t buy it, but I lingered long in the aisle thinking about luring a wild gobbler up to the back steps to be our Thanksgiving meal.
I got a new garden hose nozzle. The old one was leaking terribly. I had put up with it not wanting to pay full price for a replacement.
I got a lawn irrigation device. I used a toy sprinkler in March trying to jump-start the grass seed.
I bought a fancy steel “Born in the USA” Hart Tool Co.  hammer that had been on the shelf so long nobody knew the price. I may have bought the last American-made tool. I didn’t need another hammer, but I wanted it. I may display it on the living room wall if Elizabeth approves.
Not even a sale could put me in a pair of Carhartt bib overalls, the tuxedo of choice for Davie County men. They are rugged, premium working clothes and on the pricey side. Even at a going-out-of-business sale I couldn’t justify the expense.
At the Farmington turkey shoot last fall, most of the shooters and watchers came in their best Carhartts, garments nice enough to wear to the milk barn and to church, but not on the same day.
Some of life’s extravagances must be delayed …