One Problem Fixed

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 25, 2011

Congratulations to the Davie County Board of Education for reaching a decision last week to expand the Early College facility. Interim superintendent Bill Steed is having a beneficial, healing influence on the board. Now in its fourth year, the Early College is still operating in a crowded, temporary home. For its own reasons, the board refused to fix the Early College until it could reach a decision on the high school, a quandary that has dragged on for a decade. It was time to free the Early College hostages.
Steed will only be with the board until July. He has good sense. The school system has desperately needed clear, steady guidance.
It’s amazing what the board can do with the right helmsman.
‘Madness’ Month
Is Sadness Time
For Some Fans

March Madness has begun for college basketball nuts. March Sadness for others. While Wake Forest’s basketball team certainly had its problems this season, the Deacons’ difficulties pale in comparison to Northwestern University. This is the 73rd consecutive year that Northwestern has failed to receive a berth in the NCAA tournament. Similarly, Harvard failed to win the Ivy League conference title for the 100th year, foiled on a last-second shot by Princeton.
There’s always next year …
My end of Hidden Creek Drive is bracing for the gloating we’re certain to receive from neighbors Roger and Pinky Castanien, both Ohio State grads. They lorded the Buckeyes over us during …