Steed: 240 A Stretch For Early College

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 3, 2011

By Mike Barnhardt
Enterprise Record

Davie County Schools will need some $6.2 million in additions and renovations in the next five years, according to figures presented to county commissioners this month.
That capacity summary is required by the state, but the numbers may be too high, especially at the high school level, said Dr. Bill Steed, interim superintendent for the school system.
The state provides a formula for the schools to fill in numbers.
Mark Jones, chair of the county commissioners, asked how the average high school class size of 20 came about. While 29 is the maximum, the 21.75 average number was rounded to 20 by the state.
Steed told commissioners the school system wouldn’t use those numbers when requesting new buildings.
“We believe in providing the best facilities we can,” Steed said. “We have needs. You know what they are and we know what they are.”
Steed said the intention of the law requiring the capacity summary is to make sure boards of …