‘King’s Speech’ Best Bet To Win Best Picture O

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 14, 2011

Just when I had settled on my Oscar award for Best Picture, we went to see “The King’s Speech” over the weekend. It grieves me to admit it, but the account of King George VI’s struggle to overcome a severe stutter is even better than “True Grit.”
I’m partial to Westerns, but the “King’s Speech” is a masterpiece. Beautifully done, the movie is a gripping portrayal of England pre-World War II when British King Edward VIII abdicated the throne after a year to marry an American socialite.
Wallis Simpson, twice-divorced and with whispers of bed-hopping around the globe, didn’t fare well in the movie. Even if her previous marriages hadn’t broken the Church of England’s rules, her German sympathies would have made her less than popular in the British Empire.
George VI replaced his brother on the throne, but his speech impediment made addresses and radio speeches a huge problem. His wife sought out an unorthodox speech therapist.
Elizabeth and I took off for Myrtle Beach during the rainy weekend. Forced to stay inside, we watched a lot of TV and went to the $5 senior citizen discount matinee. Oddly, the clerk didn’t even ask my age. We were the youngsters in a large audience …