Culture Talk: TV, Movies, Chain Saws

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nothing serious this week. No politics. No economics. Just a cultural mishmash from someone who isn’t an expert in theater, the movies or even television …
We’ve dialed the thermostat down to 65 at home to better experience the life of Eskimos this winter. It’s going pretty good. We often wear light jackets in the house. Drink a lot of coffee. And keep a blanket by the sofa, just in case.
We don’t go barefoot.
Last year we kept the thermostat at 67. I dropped it one degree this November and then another in December.
We’re looking forward to spring.

• • •

Go see the movie “Tangled.” It’s a delightful story based on Rapunzel. Disney filmmakers elaborate generously on the old story in ways the Brothers Grimm would never have imagined, but we laughed and cried through the movie over the weekend. It’s beautifully done.
When Rapunzel finally gets out of the tower, wild things happen. She’s very clever. So is a sniffing horse.
I went with Elizabeth to see “Tangled.” She’s going with me to see “True Grit” this weekend to see if the new version really is better than the John Wayne classic. I loved the original, except for Glen Campbell’s role. He could not pass for a Texas Ranger.

• • •

Having mourned the cancellation of  “Boston Legal” on television, Elizabeth and I have had little to watch besides football games at night. “Boston Legal” was one of the last remaining intelligent shows geared to adults.
That’s why it was cancelled. It didn’t appeal to Gen-Xers. Who said Baby Boomers rule the nation?
On Monday night, we watched the debut of …