Letter to the Editor: 25th Amendment must be considered

Published 1:55 pm Tuesday, February 13, 2024

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To the editor:

The real question that must be asked is about the current president and the 25th Amendment. This addresses what happens if the president becomes incapacitated or is unable to fulfill their duties. After what Special Counsel Hur’s report just declared about President Biden: “the 81 year old’s memory is “hazy”, “fuzzy”, “faulty”, “poor” and having “significant limitations”.” Biden could not recall defining moments in his own life, such as when he served as vice president.

So what will Congress do with this information and Biden’s ability to manage the government and keep our country safe?

We/they hear him every day do things like mistakenly identify Egyptian president El-Sissi as the president of Mexico. Or claim he just talked with French president Mitterrand and Germany’s Helmut Kohl, who not only were dead but had not been in office since the 1990s.  Biden does this daily and it’s no wonder his staff won’t let him do press conferences like Trump and Obama did.

His minions were on all the Sunday shows trying to do a media blitz to clear his name.  Gonna be hard since the latest A.P. poll shows 77% of U.S. adults say he is too old to be effective. Even 69% of his own Democrats agree.

Many are also wondering why nothing was said about why Biden even had classified documents from when he was a Senator and VP.  That is illegal by itself, no matter his level of cooperation.  They can’t be removed from the skiff. Only a president, like Trump, can do that and declassify them. Biden had some of these for 40 years so he obviously wasn’t president and stuck in old cardboard boxes in his wide open Delaware garage with a drug-addicted son at home sure wasn’t very secure.

John Nelms,     Advance