Schools reconsidering old ‘K’ building for offices

Published 8:56 am Thursday, July 30, 2020

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Davie County Schools is reconsidering a plan to use “K” building at the old Davie High School as system headquarters.

When many of the buildings were torn down to make room for the new Davie County Community Park, “K” building was left, with the Davie Board of Education planning to move many of it’s offices now at Cherry Street and Central Davie to the site.

Now, board members say the building may be too big for their needs and other options may save taxpayer money.

Facilities Director Michael Spillman told board members the estimated cost for renovating 22,000 of the 30,000 square feet into school offices would be $3.3 million.

“It costs Davie County Schools approximately $25,000 a year just to own this building, in utility costs,” Spillman said.

Plans are to keep Central Davie for staff development, child nutrition and IT, and to close the Cherry Street location, which houses the superintendent’s and related offices.

Superintendent Jeff Wallace said the schools are now looking for leasing opportunities, similar to what the county is doing with the sheriff’s and health departments, to save money.

Board member Terry Hales asked for price estimates for leasing, and for building their own office building. “It makes good sense to look at that and come up with estimated costs,” he said.

“Is this a need? Yes,” said board chair, Clint Junker. “But I wouldn’t put it at the top of the list (The board had been talking about opening school in mid-August during the pandemic.) … but with $27,000 leaking out …”

Paul Drechsler said the old “K” building could have more value to someone other than the school system.

Board members asked Spillman to come up with cost estimates for all three scenarios.