Town may ‘adopt’ Halloween

Published 8:53 am Friday, November 16, 2018

From downtown and on down North Main Street, hundreds, maybe thousands of trick or treaters and their families descended on Halloween night.

But the thoughts of all of those excited children walking on the sidewalks, crossing the street, sometimes losing track of their parents – scares members of the Mocksville Town Board.

The town’s police department already has a big presence on North Main Street on Halloween night, but is it enough?

The town is looking into the idea of closing a portion of North Main Street for a few hours on Halloween night. It isn’t cheap, as manned detours must be kept for a detour on a US highway, but it appears the town is up to the challenge.

“It’s dangerous and we shouldn’t wait for a kid to be hit,” said board member, Brent Ward.

Board member Amy Vaughan-Jones said tourism money is available to help pay the costs. It’s earmarked to promote the town, so making Halloween safe and possibly more fun is a perfect fit.

The residents on North Main started going “all out” on Halloween. There are special programs at the Brock Gym. Agencies and churches set up in parking lots.

“The people on that street have encouraged it,” Vaughan-Jones  said. “It’s unique and it’s a flair for the town.”

Town Manager Matt Settlemyer said there is plenty of time to put a plan into place, but by doing so, the town will take on some responsibility. “When we do that, we take some ownership of Halloween,” he said. “As a newcomer for Halloween, it was a great crowd and a great event.”