Changes pave way for Advance solar farm

Published 8:41 am Thursday, July 26, 2018

County commissioners have approved changes to its ordinance pertaining to access to properties in special purpose zoning districts.

Ray Wilson Solar Inc. had asked for the change to allow it to build a solar facility on 44.86 acres off of Potts Road in Advance.

The ordinance said that any such re-zoning that could have a major impact should be on a major or minor arterial road. Potts Road, a dead-end road, Advance, is neither.

The change approved earlier this month says “except for solar energy generating facilities.” They now only need access to a state-maintained road.

Commissioners approved the ordinance change and rezoning on a 3-0 vote. Mark Jones and Robert Wisecarver were not present.

Commissioners also approved a $71.4 million budget, with no tax increase other than the 1-cent approved by voters on a recreation bond.

The last property tax increase not related to a bond approved by voters was in the 2006-2007 fiscal year.

“We balanced demands with available revenue,” said County Manager John Eller. A new financial policy is based on data and outcomes, he said.

The budget includes $13.4 million to the school system and continued improvements to the county administration building, courthouse and more than $700,000 for new voting equipment.

Board members approved keeping EMS schedules as they are, and are reducing “comp time” by implementing overtime for public safety workers.

Bonds for the park will be sold in October, and construction should begin in earnest in November. The county will be re-imbursed from bond funds for money spent so far in the process. A detailed schedule is available on the Davie Recreation & Parks website.