Annexation request denied

Published 8:53 am Thursday, May 3, 2018

Mocksville Town Board members voted down an annexation request last month that would add a 66-unit apartment complex off Koontz Road.

The land is already zoned for apartments, meaning developers could go ahead if they had sewer.

A somewhat similar development was approved by the board in 2012, but Rob Taylor was the only board member still serving. Amy Vaughan-Jones voted to approve a site plan change on that development on her first day on the board.

On the Koontz Road development, Vaughan-Jones, Brent Ward and Eric Southern voted against it, mainly saying they were concerned about overcrowding at Mocksville Elementary and other schools. On the date of the 2012 approval for apartments, there were more students enrolled at Mocksville Elementary than there are now.

Taylor and Brian Williams voted for the latest request.

Board members were expected to discuss the issue again on Tuesday of this week, as the Koontz Road developers have asked for sewer service. If granted, they would pay double in-town rates. That decision will be up to the board, Town Manager Marcus Abernethy said.

Brandy Koontz, speaking for her father who owns the Koontz Road property, said a comprehensive plan paid for by the economic development commission cited a need for rental – and in town – units. She also pointed out that the developer paying for the sewer extension would open the area for more development – and tax revenues.

One adjoining property owner, Robert Ginther, said at the public hearing he was in favor of the development. No resident spoke against the request.

Vaughan-Jones said the overcrowding issue at the school “concerns me.” Southern said he was concerned about school overcrowding, and strains the development could put on fire and police.

Williams said that while Davie is great at recruiting new jobs, it lags on providing housing for those workers.

“We must continue to build the tax base,” Williams said. “If we don’t, we’re going to die. I don’t want to see Mocksville wither away.”