Students learn how letters work together

Published 9:51 am Friday, January 19, 2018

Mocksville Elementary kindergarten students have been learning about winter and, wow, this cold weather has provided them more to add in the class discussion. Students can tell you how to dress, about winter activities you can do, and they can talk to you about the temperature. Besides weather, the children have been learning and practicing addition and subtraction story problems. Students are learning to listen for key words like “more” or “went away.” The children are proud to show off their work. They were excited to show off their acting skills. Letterland gave the students the opportunity to test their acting abilities as they learned about “ck,” “ng,” “ch,” “sh,” and “wh.” These letters go together to make certain sounds for a reason and Letterland explains the reason. For example, the letter “c” beside of the letter “k” says /k/ because Clever Cat reminds Kicking King to kick the ball away from his friends (that’s why “k” is usually found at the end).

Ms. Mathis’ class had a great field trip to Kaleidium. Students learned about magnets, exploring physics and seeing many animals. Some favorite things were seeing the live snakes, playing in magnet centers and playing the huge floor piano.

Mrs. Whitesell’s second graders began the new year comes new beginnings, resolutions, and goals. That is how 2018 began for Mrs. Whitesell’s class. Each student came up with a personal goal for 2018 and how they will accomplish the goals. These goals are posted in the classroom. Students had a global lesson on how New Years is celebrated around the world. Students learned that the United States has greatly influenced the rest of the world with some traditions, but other countries do have unique traditions that were fun to learn about.

Fourth grade students started a new unit on fractions that will last the majority of third quarter. In reading, students will continue discussing text structures while reading Eye of the Storm.