Scouts earn Eagle Award together

Published 8:35 am Thursday, June 15, 2017

Recently a group of friends celebrated their achievements of a long-time journey by being presented with their Eagle Scout awards.

Each Scout waited on the other one so that they could celebrate together.

All four had been in Cub Scouts together and moved up through Scouting for years.  Also all of these boys stayed with Scouts until their 18th birthday and some remain active in Scouting.

The Eagle Scout projects: Jacob Nobles raised money and built picnic tables for Camp Manna; Cameron Decanio raised money and built a horseshoe pit for the youth at Bear Creek Baptist Church;  Chase Alder built a bridge at the Farmington Nature Trail for hikers and bikers; and  Dakota Baker had steps inserted on one of the hills at the Farmington Nature Trail by the creek to help hikers get up a steep hill near the creek.

Each of these boys worked hard and spent many years camping, hiking, and adventuring together. They have done countless community service projects together  in Davie County since they were in elementary school. They have traveled many states together and journeyed as far as Philmont, N.M. where they spent a week on horses backpacking.

Chase Alder and  Dakota Baker are graduating from Davie High School this year. Chase has joined the US National Guard and Dakota has recently become a member of the US Coast Guard.  Cameron Decanio and Jacob Nobles are pursuing college degrees.

Center United Methodist Church hosts Troop 505.