New challenges ahead for Healthy Davie

Published 9:09 am Thursday, May 18, 2017

Congratulations, Davie County.

“We walked more than 1,000,000,000 steps in less than 100 days,” said Jessica Pollard, health and wellness coordinator for Davie Senior Services. “I’m proud of the commitment and support of the residents of Davie County.”

But, she points out, physical activity is only one part of becoming and staying healthy.

The Healthy Davie Wellness Committee is challenging residents to the following self-guided challenges during the summer to help achieve better overall health.

• 10 Day Sugar Challenge (May). Make the decision to eliminate added sugar from your diet for 10 days. Suggestions will be provided to help get started.

• Water Challenge (June). Getting enough water each day is important for health. Make a commitment to drink more water and track the intake during June.

• 7 Days of Play (July). July is National Parks and Recreation Month. Help celebrate by increasing the amount of play each day and tracking it for seven days a week.

• Fruits/Vegetables Challenge (August). Fresh fruits and vegetables will be in abundance which should make it easier to increase your intake. In August, commit to eating more fruits and vegetables to make for a healthier diet.

Challenge participants will receive monthly emails about the current self-guided challenge.

“Even if you did not participate in the 1 Billion Step Challenge we invite you to get involved,” she said.

It’s simple to take part. Send an email to to be added to an email list.

“We wish you a safe and healthy summer. Keep stepping,” she said.