‘Warm Fuzzies’ spread joy at William R. Davie

Published 10:00 am Thursday, February 9, 2017

The focus on guidance in January at William R. Davie Elementary was on helping children be appreciative, kind and show gratitude to others.

At the beginning of the month each student created a thank you card to give to Rescue House to thank them for their new shoes.  Everyone expressed gratitude and wrote about their adventures in their new shoes.

Each class read the story “Warm Fuzzies,” a lesson on the importance of being kind and giving to others.  Each class made posters and decorated warm fuzzies to give to each other and staff members.

Several students shared their thoughts on giving others warm fuzzies.

Ellie Wallace: “It makes me happy to make other people happy.”

Walter Brooks: “Making warm fuzzies gives me extreme happiness.”

Grayson Driver said he enjoys giving others warm fuzzies because it makes him “happy.”

Grace Youker: “It makes me feel good to give to others.”

Charleston Haynes: “It makes me feel happy to give others warm fuzzies.”

Caylee Barrett said she feels “happy and special when I give out warm fuzzies.”

Majesta Anderson: “I like warm fuzzies because they help others feel good inside.”

Colton Stanley said he enjoyed the warm fuzzy story of passing on love and joy, and it made him feel “awesome.”

McKinley Reavis said making warm fuzzies made him feel “thankful and it was a cool guidance lesson.”

Hailey Johnson said it made her feel “wonderful and exquisite to give to others and make them feel happy and amazing.”

Luwonna Oakes, reading specialist, enjoyed receiving warm fuzzies: “It was the highlight of my day to have students visit me with gifts they created warm fuzzies. I especially enjoyed the notes they had written me. It makes me realize that we really for have an honorable job impacting lives. It was neat to see the joy on their faces as they were giving their warm fuzzies away.”

The warm fuzzy lesson has been around for many years. It still has a positive impact on promoting being kind and giving to others.

Kindergarten students read “Hide, Clyde!” and learned how chameleons change color to protect themselves.  In math, they learned addition, subtraction, comparing shapes and learning which shapes are 2-D and which are 3-D.  They are counting the days of school and waiting to get to 100 for a day full of learning.  They enjoyed their Hat and Mitten Day. Students wore hats and mittens to school to do math activities such as sorting and graphing. All the kindergarten classes read “Snowball Soup” together and made their own snowball soup using mini marshmallows and sprinkles. The day ended with a huge Hat and Mitten parade throughout the school.