Money dispute leads to threats, kidnappings

Published 10:12 am Thursday, October 20, 2016

Before the day was over, every one of the victims in a kidnapping Friday afternoon ended up in trouble with the law.

Sammy McEwen was confronted at about 3 p.m. by people he told his girlfriend he was in trouble with.

What transpired, according to Davie Sheriff’s Chief J.D. Hartman, was McEwen being driven around with a gun to his head. A baby was involved, and when the baby was dropped off at someone else’s house, the sheriff’s department was called, with a description of the suspects’ vehicle.

That vehicle was stopped about 20 minutes later, Hartman said, but McEwen was not in it. Apparently, he had been dropped off back at home after telling the suspects they might as well kill him because he didn’t have any money.

A gun matching the description of the one used was found in the vehicle, as was an unusually large amount of cash and some drugs, Hartman said.

• Scotty Hunter, 29, of Coventry Lane, was charged with false imprisonment and felony conspiracy.

• Jessica McDowell, 28, of Archdale, was charged with felony conspiracy, second-degree kidnapping, false imprisonment, possession of a controlled substance at jail, possession of heroin, and simple possession of Schedule II controlled substance,

• Troy Greene, 38, of Asheboro, was charged with second-degree kidnapping, false imprisonment and carrying a concealed gun.

• Crystal Greene, 36, of Asheboro, was charged with second-degree kidnapping and false imprisonment.

• Keith Smith, 25, of Archdale, was charged with second-degree kidnapping.

McEwen was charged later that night with assault on a female after getting into a fight with his girlfriend, Hartman said.

He added the incident appears to be drug and possibly gang related.